How to wear a Floral skirt multiple ways

    July 1, 2019

    I haven’t posted a multiway fashion post for a while, so I thought it would be good to do one again for 3 Way Monday.

    I am always on the hunt and experimenting with my clothes to get the most wear out of it. I have always been this way. As a teenager I was never into trends, I bought what I liked, I talked about this in a previous fashion post.  I couldn’t always afford to buying new clothes every week or month, and my shopping sprees use to be only once a season. but that didn’t stop me from finding my creative outlet in what I had and making it work for different occasions.

    After swopping my winter wardrobe and summer wardrobe I discovered I had a few items that I bought for specific occasions last year and only wore them once or twice, (in my defense I am a bargain shopper and I am always looking for cute items with a tiny pricetag, it’s not always the best I know). In the last 2 months I have tried to shop a tad more sensible. When looking at all the trends, that are for ever changing, it can be hard to feel like you need to keep up. But when I saw this skirt I kept my eye on it for a few weeks, thought about how I could make it work. There were 2 occasions where I really wanted to buy it but it just wasn’t the “time”. My first thought was not to buy it because the print was so popular and I didn’t want it to be a trendy item that I purchase in 2019 and that I will never wear again.

    But then that one day when I walked into H&M there the skirt was, hanging in all it’s florally glory on the “Last Chance” rack, oh and bonus it was marked down to 17 Euro! SO it was a sign that I should buy it right?!

    Here is a tip: When buying a printed or florally skirt or item of clothing, I always look at the colours and try to see which colours I can pull out. With this skirt it had peach, mint green, white and a little bit of brown. Peach and dusty pink are currently my favorite colours for the season so that was another selling point for me. I did however search for the right peach top to match the skirt before I bought it hehe.

    Styling Option 1:

    I love mixing different textured fabric together. The lace top compliments the chiffon skirt perfectly, accentuating the femininity of this floral skirt. You can even dress it up with cute heels and a bling clutch, perfect outfit for a wedding, baby shower or kitchen tea. As a mom of boys the flat mules are the most practical shoe with this look.


    Styling Option 2:

    How about stying this skirt with an ordinary T-shirt for a more casual look? The peachy color t-shirt brings out the peachy colored flowers, don’t you think?

    You could add a cute belt to the look too.

    These are just 2 different ways to wear this skirt:

    Other options:

    • Wear it in fall with a beige coloured cardigan/ sweater and cute pumps.
    • Wear it with a denim jacket.
    • Wear it with a white T-shirt and white blazer.

    Hope you feel inspired to play around with what you have in your closet or that you start shopping more sensible, or not, which ever you choose.



    P.S. Thanks to my talented friend Gabrielle from @gabriellecolphotography for these beautiful photos. Go check out her page on instagram.


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