How to transform a 50 € TV cabinet into a fabulous farmhouse style

March 26, 2018

Ever since I can remember I have loved transforming things and giving things new life. My first project was an old bookcase that my parents in law gave us when we just got married. I remember when I saw it, i immediately saw it becoming something else. The first transformation was just a ordinary dark stain. You know in 2009 everything had to have a dark wood appearance, the more dark furniture in your house the more luxurious it looked. It was a trend back then, compared to now, anything and everything goes. Years ago you would not even have considered painting your genuine wood furniture, but now, we do it without a blink of the eye, because that is what we see in the latest trends and I must say I love it.

The second transformation came from a Pinterest inspiration. When I saw that pin I immediately felt like I can definitely do it, and thats where my love for farmhouse decor started. I sanded the cupboard by hand and started from scratch, with a white primer and then 2-3 coats of a green paint. I added feet at the bottom with wood glue (that was surprisingly strong) and removed the glass from the doors and added chicken wire.

That piece became a statement in my living room, and the most talked about piece in my house. And it added a pop of colour.

So when we moved to France, setting up a new house again, for how long I’m not sure, But I decided that I want to make the house feel more like home. And how do you do that? Well you need to add some of your own loving touches to it. Our first project was to paint the walls downstairs. Anyone would think that its bizarre because we are only renting this property but I do believe that you need to make a house feel like home, whether you are renting or if its your own property. After the walls were painted it felt much better, and almost like our home.

We had to buy a few necessity furniture items when we just arrived, and many of the items weren’t really what we would have liked to buy, because when you just move, you want to get settled in as quick as possible, so you literally just buy what you need. Hence our beautiful Plasma unit.

The day we bought it I didn’t mind it, but as time went on I thought, hey I can change this to be a feature in the living room. Read further for the steps I followed to transform our TV cabinet:

Step 1

Get some inspiration:

Feet for table or cupboard (inspiration credit:

Table top (inspiration credit: Nifty Thrifty Momma):

Step 2

Buy all your supplies.

I needed

  • 4 table feet that I found @ Leroy merlin, close to the wood section.
  • I bought floor boards and just sawed them to size
  • A primer
  • Paint (my colour: duck egg blue)
  • Grey varnish
  • Anthracite chalk paint for the top part
  • Paint brushes

Step 3

Wash your cupboard with soapy water and a damp cloth. Dry it off thoroughly.

Step 4

Remove the wheels. This was quite tricky as they were inserted in the wood and had a plug on the cupboard covering the hole.

Step 5

Prepare the table feet and varnish with the colour you prefer. I did mine with a grey matt varnish.

Step 6

Add the feet to the bottom with wood glue. Place it over the spaces where the wheels were. leave to dry overnight. I suggest putting some weight on to of the feet to set it in place

Step 7

Turn your table right side up. Start with your primer. This is a really important step. My tv unit had a laminate on, so it wasn’t raw wood to begin with, when you put the primer under your paint, the paint will last longer, trust me I have done a project before without sanding or primer and it literally lasted 4 weeks. Every bump the furniture gets will leave a mark, or chip your paint

Step 8

After the primer has dried, paint on your first coat of duck egg blue, wait for it to dry then add another coat. My paint was fairly thick and covered really well, so I felt like 2 coats did the job.

Step 9

Measure and cut your wooden floor boards for the top. Then sand it nice and smooth, aswell as the edges that you cut off.

Step 10

Place your floor board on top of the unit each individually with wood glue. Leave to dry overnight. I suggest putting some weight on top of it to set it.

Step 11

Because you are working with raw wood, there is no need for a primer. Paint your desired colour on top and leave to dry. Then paint another.

Step 12

Paint your varnish on top of the wood, That was just something extra I did because it was going to be under the tv and used as a “table” by my kids, so i just wanted to seal the wood and give it a matt clear finish.

Step 13

Enjoy your handiwork!



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