What being a boy mom has taught me

March 26, 2018

Ah the joys of boys!

I will never forget the day I fell pregnant with our first born, Luan, now almost 7 years old.

I was 22 years old, we were married for 9 months and I was living in a new town. When Luan was born it was the most beautiful experience (but thats a whole story on its own). I remember the evening when the midwife left at 12 after being with me the whole day and we were laying in bed and I thought to myself, oh my greatness, this is my baby, how can someone trust me to know how to care for this tiny (not so tiny 4.16 kg) baby by myself.

Well needless to say my midwife helped a lot in the first few months of Luan’s life.

As he grew older I learnt a few things about boys:

1. Boys are busy (energetic)!

They are agile and constantly on the move. They never sit still. I remember when a friend of mine came to visit with her little girl one day. I could not believe, that her little girl sat on her mommies lap for 2 hours, she was very content playing around her moms feet. me on the other hand, running around after my boy, getting him food, making sure his doesn’t go up the stairs or climb on a table. All this while just trying to make us some coffee.

2. They are always hungry

As young as they still are, I feel like I am constantly feeding them, or going grocery shopping. They love fruit, which is a good thing (in moderation) but I’m glad they prefer to eat fruit than sweets and crisps. When my first born started solids he was a fantastic eater, he ate EVERYTHING i gave him, and still today he is not a fussy eater, my last born on the other hand…his diet consists of Bacon, boiled egg, bananas and apples. And last night he tried carrots!

3. They climb… on EVERYTHING!

Over baby gates, up the burglar bars, onto the gates, up and down the couch, and not just when they are small and in discovery mode, um no way! My 5 and almost 7 year old think our couch is a trampoline! They do tricks on it, by standing on the side of the couch and free falling forward, face down.. “look mom I’m flying!” I cant tell you how many times a day I am saying “don’t walk on the couch, please walk around the couch?”, “stop jumping on the couch”, “don’t stand on the coffee table”, “get off the dining room table”…

4. They mess… a lot…

They will leave their jacket and shoes in the hallway, their legos will be EVERYWHERE. The toilet seat will most of the times have pee on. They will draw on walls, they will mess food on your new placemats, they will ride their muddy bike through your house just to exit the other door on the other side of the house… jip this will happen.

I read a cute quote once: “You never know what you have till its all gone… toilet paper for instance” – I cracked myself laughing.

One day Kian ran up to me excitingly saying mommy the toilet is making big water come and look, he was very impressed with himself, me not too much. when I got to the toilet the water had risen to the brim, when I asked him what he had done, he said he threw the whole toilet role in the toilet and flushed it. WHAT?! Yes that is the works of a 3 year old, people. I can only laugh now, but believe me it was not funny when I had to stick my pink dishwashing gloved hand in that toilet to try to unclog it before dad gets home.

5. They are loud!

There is this quote: “A boy is noise with dirt on it.” Thats it, they talk loudly, laugh loudly, cry loudly, play loudly, they love to wrestle and jump and run in the house. Haha forget about sleeping in, my middle son Sion, bless his soul, he is very verbal, and he loves to chat, be it when its bed time, getting in the last few sentences before he falls asleep or early in the morning.

6. They fart, and talk about bums and they think its the biggest joke!

When they are small its so cute and super funny, but as they get older, its time to teach them its not funny anymore… in public (but its safe in our house).

7. You buy new shoes and clothes twice in one season.

Their pants only last a season or not even. When my boys were younger it was so much easier to store their clothes for the next brother or to pass it on to a friend or a cousin. But this year, their pants tear at the knees. So you will probably be ok till the age of 4, but from 4 years old it looks like they walk on their knees, as if they forgot to walk properly. We have learnt the hard way when it comes to shoes. Buy 1 good pair for everyday wear, and replace that pair after 4-6 months, or buy a cheap pair every month. You decide.

But recently I have noticed my 7 year old’s shoes only last about 3 months, and realised it’s because they are playing soccer outside at school during break time. So now I am reconsidering buying an expensive pair versus buying a cheaper pair every 1 or 2 months. Kids should play and not worry too much about their clothing getting damaged. So buy nice things for special occasions and let your kids be kids the rest of the time.

8. The greatest lessons that my boys have taught me is:

To love being loved, from early morning cuddles, to random hugs in the day, to kisses and flowers picked from our garden.

To enjoy being needed, kids can be needy and somedays it gets tough, but i often think, there is a mom who is longing just to care for somebody, and that makes me grateful.

And do you know what… it’s ok if the house is messy, they are having fun.
I don’t have to compare myself to other moms, I am mom enough for my boys. They need me, not another version of someone else.

Disclaimer: This is my personal experience. I am not comparing girls to boys. I only know what boys are like – my boys, that is. Each child is different. Please comment below if you’ve had similiar experiences with your own boys or girls.

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    Reply Jaimee May 4, 2018 at 11:34 AM

    so well written. I love this and agree with everything you’ve said x

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    Reply Caroline April 10, 2019 at 1:10 PM

    Hi Lou! Absolutely agree! I have 3 boys myself, the youngest is almost 2 weeks old haha. He has learnt to sleep through his brothers noise (7and 3). They are LOUD!
    Beautiful piece!

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