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Why I don’t dress my boys the same

April 8, 2018

Simple answer… my mom used to dress me and my sister in the same outfit, but mine was always pink and my sister’s was blue. Now she didn’t mind looking the same as her old sis, but myself on the other hand, I did not like it one bit.

So here I am, a girly-girl mommy who loves to dress up, and faff – raising 3 boys. With a daddy who lives in rugby clothes and who trains most of the day, they can’t really copy his fashion sense, so I had to jump in. I remember when I met my husband he would wear a stripes shirt and check pants together, and when Luan was 9 months old he dressed him exactly the same, in stripes and check. That for me was a no-go. Today I love a stripe shirt and a check pants, but definitely not together.

I am lucky that my kids are not too fussy about what they wear, it could be that they have gotten use to wearing what I give them or they just don’t know of any better, lets go for the first.

If there is one child that will put up a bit of a fight about clothing it’s my middle son, Sion. He has a thing for textures. from a young age he had textile sensitivity and it definitely plays a role not just in his playing and learning but also in the clothes he chooses to wear. So in winter he prefers any pants that has a fleece texture and mainly hoodie, or he wants to wear his beanie. The thing is he will often find a favourite pants and hoodie and want to wear it every single day. I bought a army tracksuit pants from Pick and Pay in South Africa in June, and he would wear that pants about 4x a week. With 3 boys my mind doesn’t always feel too clear, so some mornings I would tell him to dress for school and when we are on our way out of the house, I would remember he wore the exact same outfit the previous day, oh boy and what a mission then to get him to change!

Luan is very easy I pack his drawers according to outfits, but he mainly chooses his own mix and match outfit, and its mostly spot on correct. (I think it also makes it easier to buy clothes that are color coded in general so that either way what they mix together fits.)

And Kian is happy wearing anything that has a superhero logo or picture on – but even those I choose carefully. I recently bought him a lightning mcQueen dress up onesie, he doesn’t know that it is for fun and play, he thinks it is a onesie to sleep in- bonus for me on the one side, because I don’t think I will have the problem with him wearing it out in public, but on the other hand he has to wake me up in the middle of the night to open it and dress him again for a pee.

If I have to choose between summer and winter styling, it would definitely be winter. It just seems that you can mix and match and style so much more with winter clothing.

When we lived in Japan for 6 months in 2016, I discovered GAP and H&M. Their clothing is hip and affordable. Because I don’t like to dress my kids the same, it can get hard to find 3 different outfits from one or 2 stores. So i normally buy a few key items one month for the kids and add on as the season goes on. I will often buy the same pants in different sizes and then mix and match, but i really try not to dress them the same, I will however color code on special occasions. The joy of 3 boys who are so close together in age (6, 4, 3) I can just pass on the clothing as they grow out of it.

My key items for winter for each boy:

  • 1x denim button shirt
  • 1x Sleeveless jacket (nice for in-between weather over a long sleeve)
  • t-shirt
  • 1-2 x Beanies
  • 1x Infinty scarf
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • 1x check flannel shirt
  • Joggers
  • 1x nice denim
  • 1 pair of navy shoes
  • 1 pair of black shoes,
  • 1 pair of gumboots
  • 1-2 x thick jackets for the European winter

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