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My 100 Squat Challenge Transformation

August 26, 2018

What can you do in 30 days?

Pinterest is full of 30 day challenges. 30 Day beach body challenge. 30 Day abs challenge. 30 Day abs and butt challenge. 30 Day self-improvement challenge. 30 Day happiness challenge. If you look for it you will find any and every type of challenge.

But have you ever done one? Have you ever completed one? Has it changed you? Or have you even seen results?

In July I took on the 30 day 100 squats a day challenge. I started it first of all to see results. I watched a video clip on Facebook with 3 people who tried it for 30 days, and what stood out the most was not the improvement or change (even though there was definitely a difference, but the fact that they did it. They completed it and stayed dedicated for 30 days. I wanted to show myself I could do that.

So in the 30 days I missed in total 5 days, that I tried to make up on other days, by doing 200 that day instead of 100, now I know that is not the purpose of the challenge, but I wanted to get it done. If I start something I like to finish it, even if it isn’t exactly according to the plan.

Some of you sent me a few questions and comment in the 30 days that I was doing the challenge, so I thought I would answer them here…

Have I noticed a difference?

Definitely. I can see that my legs are firmer, my cellulite is less and my legs feel stronger. That makes my running so much easier.

Would I do it again?

Yes, but I will, like I have this time around, incorporate it into my workout routine. I follow the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides, and I have finished the first round, then I plan on starting BBG Power, on the sweat app, which is more weights. The workout is designed by Kelsey Wells, and if any of you have not seen her body transformation you seriously have to go follow her on instagram. Weighs do not equal bulk and that is what I have noticed in the last 30 days.

How did I do it?

I used this printable from Pinterest


Well I tried to do a different variation of squat workouts in the 30 days, some days I didn’t have time or forgot, so I would just do 20 and rest up till 100 while I am cooking, or folding laundry, you really don’t have an excuse not to get in some movement in your day.

Ok, but you are a stay at home mom, I work 9-5 I literally have no time or energy.

This is the most common excuse (dare I say it) but I am telling you, you do have time, try doing 20 after you wake up, 20 while brushing your teeth, 20 while making breakfast, 20 while folding laundry, 20 while scrolling on instagram or facebook and there you go you did 100 and it’s not even noon yet.

Did you feel like quitting?

Yes many times, I even skipped a few days. but knowing that I was accountable made it easier to follow through.  And doing it with a friend even easier and so fun. When you have someone to do it with it is easy to motivate each other.

Did you use bodyweight or weights in the gym?

I did both. On days that I did my workout I would use weights and on day where i didn’t have time or almost forgot I did it without weights. I was important for me to just get it done.

Here are some of the myths that people believe about squats: (based on my own 30 day experience)

Your thighs will become bigger.

Nope mine didn’t. If they did it will probably be from all the sugar I consume or bad eating habits, but not from training.

I will injure my knees.

Nope also didn’t happen. If you look at the position most young kids are in… it’s a deep squat, so it’s a natural position, a kid will not be in a position that causes them discomfort or pain, they will move out of it. To read more check out this link here:

My bum will get bigger.

Ok this is somewhat true, but it’s only because your flat bum has lifted about 2-4 cm from the ground, so technically it isn’t bigger in size, it has just lifted. (he he totally happened to me.)

I am pleased with my transformation in 30 days. I love working out. And this was a fun experiment. Now to keep it up!

Before VS After the 30 day squat challenge.

Have you given the squat challenge a try? What were your results? Comment below.

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