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I completed the PWR challenge and my results are…

May 12, 2019

I did it! I finished the 12 week PWR challenge. It was super fun sharing the last 12 weeks with you, the high and the lows. But man, I cannot tell you how good it feels to finish something that I have started.

First of all 12 weeks is a long time to commit to something. And if you are going to commit to something for 12 weeks you better love it, or at least make the best of it. Sharing this transformation I have tried to be as open and honest as possible on my insta stories and I tend to do the same in this post.

I have mentioned before that I always use to follow the BBG workout programs from Kayla Itsines, and I love the workouts, it’s short and effective. But I wanted to try something new, and what better gym program to choose on the sweat app than PWR by Kelsey Wells. Kelsey Wells is like the poster mom of a woman who transformed her body at home after having her baby. She proved to so many of us that if you are committed enough you can do it, and that exercise really is a great self care option.

Gym is my me time, but I need a structured plan for it to be effective, that’s why I chose the sweat app. All your workouts are on the app, with a visual of every exercise and a description of how to do each exercise. There were a few workouts that I have never done before.

My first thoughts about the PWR program:

I did not like it. After the first week I was not convinced that I was going to carry on. I found the workouts to be long (40-55 min)compared to the 28 minutes from the BBG workouts. I found that it was very focused on arms, shoulders and back (upper body) and very little legs, only one session a week. Now my problem area is my lower body. After my 3 pregnancies, I have had to work extremely hard to get a booty, ain’t nobody got time for a pancake butt. My arms and upper body on the other hand builds muscle fairly quickly in comparison to my lower body, hence the reason I wasn’t too excited. but I wanted to give it a try.

PWR Program Breakdown

Week 1- 4 consists of 3 gym sessions and 1 being optional and then 3 low intensity cardio sessions and 1 optional HITT. For LISS I normally take a walk outside or do an incline walk on level 6 on the treadmill. As for HITT I sprint 30 seconds and walk 30 seconds for 15 minutes.

Week 5-8 consists of 4 gym sessions and 1 optional and 3 low intensity cardio sessions and 1 optional HITT. Week 5 adds a sweet surprise of 2 burnout exercise at the end of your workout. Each exercise lasts 1 minute.

Week 9-12  consists of 4 gym sessions and 2 optional, 1 LISS session and 1 HITT session

As the program progressed the HITT and LISS became less and the gym workouts more.

My journey

Was I consistent? No! But every time I skipped I just tried again, I didn’t give up. There were days where I felt drained and stiff and extremely tired and I would just rest, and not feel guilty. There were also days where I had a lot of energy and I felt rested and on those days I made up for it, by doing 2 sessions. I see so many woman that feel so guilty when they had a bad week, when they skipped 2 or 3 workouts that they feel like they should start at week 1, but you know what, you don’t have to. Just carry on and keep trying.

Did I eat healthy for 12 weeks? Nope. I did try to make healthier food choices, but my downfall is at night, when the kids are in bed and hubs and I are chilling in front of the tv, I get these intense cravings for candy. I have stopped that the last 2 weeks, my biggest motivation being to clear my skin, but thankfully cutting out sugar has other benefits too.

Did I lose weight? Not as much as I thought I could. I didn’t lose any weight in 12 weeks. but that could be because I wasn’t consistent with my diet. I did however lose a few centimeters. At the start of the 12 weeks, I weighed and measured myself. I measured my hips, thighs, arms, and legs every week. We are often so stuck in losing weight that we forget to look at the cm. I lost a total of  8cm all over.

What is the next program that I am going to start? I am still indecisive, but I am looking at BBG Stronger by Kayla Itsines, or Fierce by Chontel Duncan, both are in the sweat app. I like the gym and weight training workouts.

My tips and advice.

If you are interested in starting a workout program, take that “before” photo, no matter how embarrassed you feel, this is for you! You don’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to, but it is amazing to physically see the change, that is what motivated me in these 12 weeks.

The PWR program is perfect for those who want to get into weight training but don’t know where to start. Looking back on the last 12 weeks I feel so much more confident in the weights section and I feel confident to do exercises that I have never done before.

Don’t focus too much on weight, measure yourself weekly and measure your improvement by that and how you feel. After 4 weeks I started feeling stronger, I felt like I could lift heavier and I started seeing definition in my arms and legs.


My progress from the 12 Week PWR challenge



Slow progress is still progress. Here is to the next 12 week challenge.

If you found this post helpful or have any questions please let me know.



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