About Me

My name is Louise, and I am a 30 year old mom of 3 boys aged 7, 5 and 4. I am a Christ-following, boy raising, hairstyling, homemaking, traveling, diy loving, wife and mom. Just call me a mom-of-all-trades.

My husband and I are both South African, we got married in December 2009 at a gorgeous wedding Venue in Johannesburg, South Africa.

My husband is a professional Rugby player, and we get the opportunity to travel the world as a family. He is the most down to earth person you will meet with a very happy go lucky attitude in life. He loves doing things in the spur of the moment, and i like to plan – we complete each other.

Our first born, Luan, was born in April 2011, natural home birth.

Our second born, Sion, was born in February 2013, water birth.

Our third born, Kian, was born April 2014, also a water birth.

We lived in Bloemfontein, South Africa, for 7 years, then moved to Japan for 6 months, then moved back to South Africa, remodelled our house, sold everything and moved to France.

In my spare time (haha when is that?) i love to do DIY projects, including giving old furniture a new look, and trying out new hairstyles. I have a passion for hairdressing, and enjoy trying new colour techniques and new colour formulas on my own hair every 2 months.

Being a mom has taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to, it has taught me that everything is not always perfect and clean and you have to accept that if you come to visit unannounced you might not find a perfectly clean house, and I can promise you there will be legos scattered all over the floor or a half eaten apple randomly lying around.

I started this blog as a form of a creative outlet and to document and share this journey that we are on. Whether it be traveling, parenting tips, homemaking, raising boys (ha I’m still learning). It might just inspire/ motivate/challenge you or make you laugh. I am not a professional on any level, and these are purely my trial and errors in life.

Come follow along on this crazy adventure called “Our Life.”